Tattoo and piercing aftercare

Sea Salt plus Tea Tree Spray

The Protat Team are proud to present the newest member of the Protat family of Quality Aftercare products – Protat Natural Sea Salt plus Tea Tree Spray.

After lengthy consultation with the esteemed members of the Piercing Industry, we have designed a spray focused primarily around the ingredients that piercers recommend.

If we firstly consider the aim of using a piercing aftercare product, we can truly understand the importance of each of the ingredients in Protat Natural Sea Salt plus Tea Tree Spray.  Ideally, the product should:

  • Assist with cleansing
  • Minimise discomfort
  • Provide moisture
  • Promote Skin health
  • Not cause irritation

Sea Salt must be the most commonly recognised and recommended ingredient by piercers for the care of a new piercing. Sea Salt contains more than 80 essential mineral elements that assist the body in a multitude ways.  Most importantly, salts provide for osmotic balance, best explained to the layperson as ‘keeping water/moisture’ levels correct.  Historically the practice was to dry out the piercing column using a solvent such as Methylated Spirits or Pure Alcohol.  This archaic practice has since been replaced with the more informed and functional system.

Concentrated Sea Salt helps to tip the balance in favour of the body, after each application, by hygienically cleansing and detoxifying the area.  The noted properties of Natural Sea Salt include natural cleansing, toning and re-freshening.

The perfect natural partner to Sea Salt is Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia).  Documented as achieving results that not even its synthetic opponent’s can. Our Quality Control Technicians meticulously check the percentages of the 100 or more constituents of the Tea Tree Oil to ensure only the purest grade is used in our products. Specifically, the Terpinen-4-ol component is maximised for the highest activity possible. Used extensively in many cosmetics.

Although Grapefruit Seed Extract proves to be an effective and potent product, its dermal toxicity has been tested to not be a primary irritant and it is non-corrosive. Simply put, it is not irritating or damaging to the skin.

We next looked at Moisture levels. Aloe Vera, a desert succulent, has outstanding moisturisation properties. Aloe Vera contains polysaccharides in its parenchymal cells. The polysaccharides, or mucilage, when placed over a piercing keeps the area moist and turgid. Polysaccharides provide a synergistic effect of perfectly balanced mechanical and chemical processes.

Based on the list of important attributes of a piercing aftercare spray that we identified at the beginning, we are left only with the ‘discomfort’ factor.  (Well actually not!)  The pierced area is kept in good health by ensuring adequate moisture and maintaining a hygienic environment.  Thus, the discomfort should be at its minimum. 

Protat Natural Sea Salt plus Tea Tree Spray is a holistic approach designed to assist your body in caring for your piercing.


  • Hygienic body piercing aftercare spray
  • Available in 50ml
  • MSDS Info

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