Tattoo and piercing aftercare

Hygienic Oral Soothing Spray

The "Oral Soothing Spray" has been designed to specifically care for piercings in the unique environment found within the oral cavity.

The principal concept excepted by the majority of Piercing Technicians, is to assist the body in its natural function. This is achieved by providing a natural and homeostatic environment. Any change in the internal or external cutaneous environment can upset the equilibrium of “good” and “bad” micro-organisms.

The importance of using a specifically designed product for the oral area can be demonstrated with citation of a simple ratio:

  • The skin hosts 600 types of bacteria
  • Saliva hosts only 6 types of bacteria

Therefore, to use an aggressive topical anti-microbial solution designed for the use on exterior skin surfaces in the internal oral area may indeed be unnecessary and counter productive. A reduction in the number of favourable bacterial residents in the mouth can give rise to proliferation of species of yeast, ie. Candida albicans, causing infections like ‘Thrush’.

Our Research Professionals recognised the need for an Oral Care solution that would work symbiotically with the micro-species native to the oral area and specialise in the assistance of the body's responses. Aloe Vera is the ideal ingredient for the before mentioned purpose.

Aloe contains important ingredients necessary for natural function, such as Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), amino acids, Vitamin E & zinc. Natural function occurs in three stages: inflammation, proliferation and remodelling. Hence the constituents of Aloe are ideal. Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin with proven anti-oxidant activity that helps to prevent free radical damage at the piercing site.

The naturally aqueous characteristic of Aloe helps to reduce dehydration of the pierced column and aids with cleansing.

Sodium chloride (salt) enables effective cleansing to ensure that excess foreign agents are not able to accumulate at the piercing site. The mild saline nature works synergistically with the unique oral chemistry and micro organisms to help the body deal with the piercing efficiently.

Chamomile matricaria, Chamomile extract allows extra soothing by way of its µ-bisabolol and azulene content.

This naturally flavoured, conveniently sized, direct application product is literally a pleasure to use.

* Most importantly, follow the advise of your Piercing Technician and seek medical advice if healing is not typical.

* Caution: contains Sodium chloride, if high blood pressure or heart problems are pre-existing then medical advice should be sought before using this product.

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  • Hygienic oral piercing aftercare spray.
  • Available in 50ml
  • MSDS Info

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