Tattoo and piercing aftercare

Natural Piercing Spray for sensitive skin

No Preservatives and PH balanced

Protat Natural Piercing Spray is the result of listening intently to the advice of Piercing Professionals.

For years and generations the recommendation of countless piercers has been to clean the affected area with a solution of Sea Salt. So many experts using the same timeless remedy can’t be wrong.

The Epidermal Research Team delved into the science behind why this method is so effective and the found one of the biggest forces in nature at work – OSMOSIS.

If we consider a dictionary definition of Osmosis we find the following ‘tendency of solvent to diffuse through porous partition into concentrated solution; hence osmotic’. Interesting, but how does that transpire into the theory behind Protat Natural Piercing spray? Let’s consider...

The main idea behind the Protat products is a focus on the ability of the body to heal itself under ideal circumstances. That is to say that even when challenged with a foreign object such as a piercing the body needs minimal assistance in order to take care of itself. Antibacterial products are often a step backwards for the health of the area as their primary function is to eliminate bacterial cells, but with this often comes damage to the surrounding skin cells. Thus the main aim of Protat Natural Piercing Spray is moisturistation and isotonic cleaning.

Isotonic is a word we see often associated with sports drinks and nutrition performance products. Isotonic defines a solution that occurs within a normal concentration (of the same osmotic pressure). So why is isotonic important in piercing care?

If the solution used to cleanse the pierced area is of approximately the same concentration as the contents of the skin cells then no net movement of water is induced. Therefore, there is no osmotic uptake or loss of water. The environment of the cells in the area remains isosmotic.

A hypertonic solution has an excess amount of salts or ions in relation to that of the body. Similarly, a hypotonic solution has a deficiency in salts or ion concentration. The effects of such solutions are demonstrated in the below diagram.


With the cleansing in hand we next consider Protat's next platform of importance – moisturisation. Vegetable derived Glycerin is a humectant capable of maintaining high moisture levels by attracting and holding moisture on the skin.

With the product philosophies taken care of, there is a reason the ingredients are more than simply Purified Water, Sea Salt and glycerin. A product needs to have a shelf-life that ensures the consumer is allowed adequate time to use the entire bottle. For this function some form of preservation is necessary.

Rather than use a traditional preservative system that may cause irritation Protat opted for a more modern concept, that of a Preservative Free system. Does this mean that the product is unpreserved and prone to microbial contamination? Definitely NOT.

A full United States Pharmacopoeia Preservative Efficacy Test for Topical products has been undertaken on this formulation and it conforms in all aspects. To pass a preservative efficacy test without a preservative is something indeed. Through numerous laboratory trials a blend of a naturally derived fragrance component in combination with Polysorbate 20 (also vegetable derived) were determined effective in providing adequate preservation.

The one last thing we needed to do was to adjust the pH to a level that was ideal for skin contact, and hence the inclusion of the disodium citrate electrolyte.

So there it is, ‘cradle to grave’ of the rationale behind the new Protat Natural Piercing Spray. We don’t claim that its revolutionary technology, just practical and convenient.


  • Hygienic body piercing aftercare spray
  • For sensitive skin, no preservatives, pH balanced
  • Available in 50ml
  • MSDS Info

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