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Tattoo and piercing aftercare

About Protat

Protat is the world’s first tattoo and piercing aftercare company. Using chemists from our development team and overseas we are constantly researching new ingredients, with natural products receiving special attention. Each Protat product has been precisely formulated by our chemist in consultation with highly experienced members of the tattoo and piercing profession. New developments can only benefit the industry and enhance respect for body art practitioners everywhere.


Protat regards hygiene with the utmost of importance, all products are hygienically packaged in sterile dispenser tubes or spray bottles in order to avoid cross contamination risks, which can be associated with using products from tubs and tins.

As part of Protat’s ongoing emphasis on clinical standards, we have also introduced hygienic safety seals on all our cream tubes. To unseal simply unscrew the lid and peel the hygienic seal off before using.


Protat has sourced out the highest quality manufacturing standards in Australia. Protat products are manufactured under strict licensing.

Our manufacturing facility is registered and complies fully with the code of Good Manufacturing Practice, a standard of manufacturing excellence recognised around the world for its stringent adherence to the World Health organization maintained standard.

Also our manufacturing facility is approved by the APVMA and meets their strict guidelines with their efficient manufacturing reporting and record keeping systems. All manufacturing and packaging is conducted within controlled clean-room environments.

Only quality raw ingredients are used, all are tested for compliance prior to use, and samples of each and every material is retained in the event that they are required for future reference. After manufacture all Protat products are quarantined for a five day period and samples are taken and tested for quality and hygiene before being released for sale. A Certificate of Analysis is provided on each product batch. In short you can be assured of full quality control with all Protat products.


Protat’s Australian distribution centre and sales office are centrally located in Adelaide, Australia, offering logistical benefits for fast and cost effective local dispatch.

International distribution is processed at our primary DC located close to the international airport and shipping dock.

Protat continues to expand it’s global distribution network with international distributors currently servicing 14 countries around the world, The Czech Republic, Poland, Canada, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Slovakia, Germany, Scotland, England, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal and Russia (for more information please see the distributors page on this website)


The tattoo industry has, for many years, used a variety of “off the shelf” creams, to soothe pigmented skin during the healing period. None of these preparations have been formulated with micro pigmentation in mind.

Introduced pigment is basically iron oxide or titanium oxide powder suspended in liquid. The liquid varies with different brands.

During a tattoo being applied, lymph glands, sweat glands and blocked vessels in the dermis are disturbed. Blood vessels usually clot quickly, presenting little problem, but lymph and sweat glands continue to excrete clear liquid for some time. The body must dispose of this liquid to allow the implanted pigment to return to its powder form and for surrounding tissue to heal. Much of this liquid exits through the skin.

The clear liquid produced by the sweat glands has a high salt content. If trapped beneath the skin, salt can leach pigment during the early healing period, resulting in colour loss, and an uneven, patchy appearance, requiring reworking. During the healing period it is essential to keep the treated areas hydrated and soothed, but allow the liquid to escape. Protat Tattoo Aftercare products have been formulated with these problems in mind.

The moist environment created with Protat aftercare products is the optimal situation to promote rapid natural healing. A carefully balanced blend of emollients, moisturisers and antioxidants has been combined to hydrate, soothe and rejuvenate the skin, promoting elasticity and enhancing the bright appearance of the micro pigmented area.


The skin is the largest organ of the body, and acts as the first mechanism of defence against infection. When we adorn our bodies with piercings we permeate this primary barrier, leaving the area open to infection. With some 600 species of bacteria occurring as natural flora on the epidermis and the continuous onslaught of external pathogenic species, the chance of infection is high.

Protat’s Technicians trialed many combinations of hygienic agents until they discovered the optimal blend that makes up the Hygienic Soothing Spray. The formulation is designed to hydrate the piercing column without allowing the skin tissue to become dehydrated or necrosed.


The “Oral Soothing Spray” has been designed to specifically care for piercings in the unique environment found within the oral cavity.

The principal healing concept excepted by the majority of Piercing Technicians, is to assist the body in its normal healing function. This is achieved by providing a natural and homeostatic environment. Any change in the internal or external cutaneous environment can upset the equilibrium of “good” and “bad” micro-organisms.

The importance of using a specifically designed product for the oral area can be demonstrated with citation of a simple ratio:

  • The skin hosts 600 types of bacteria
  • Saliva hosts only 6 types of bacteria

Therefore, to use an aggressive topical anti-microbial solution designed for the use on exterior skin surfaces in the internal oral area may indeed be unnecessary and counter productive. A reduction in the number of favourable bacterial residents in the mouth can give rise to proliferation of species of yeast, ie. Candida albicans, causing infections like ‘Thrush’.

Our Research Professionals recognised the need for an Oral Care solution that would work symbiotically with the micro-species native to the oral area and specialise in the assistance of the body's immune responses.


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